Apollo Temple

The temple was built at the end of the 8th century BC, which was 10.20 meters wide, 24 meters long and slightly narrowed towards the east and according to the foundations of secos (sacred courtyard) walls uncovered in the north and south parts. The simple and small temple contained a cult statue, an altar, a sacred source and the symbols of Apollo. Remains of a columned building which is 15.50 meters long and 3.60 meters wide, revealed by exploratory digging carried out to the south-west of the temple.

The inner facades of the walls of the sacred courtyard were fortified by pilasters in the form of half columns, which brought color to the long, high walls. The height of the walls of the 50.25 meter long and 17.45 meter wide secos (sacred courtyard) reached 17.5 meters. The greatness of the distances between the pilasters on the walls destroys the theory of the secos was roofed.

Apollo Temple

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